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Your tires play an important role in the handling of your vehicle. When you see the tread of tires starting to wear unevenly, this could be a sign you need to have your wheels aligned properly. Other signs include a shaky steering wheel or your vehicle swaying to one side. With a proper alignment, your vehicle will handle better than ever and make it easier to drive in any condition.

Experience better handling on your vehicle

• 2 and 4 wheel alignments

• Computerized balancing

• New tires

• Tire patching and repair

• Mounting and balancing

• Valve stem changing

Tire balancing and alignments

While many shops boast they can balance your wheels for you, we take it a step further by providing you with a computerized balancing service that will have your vehicle perfectly aligned. Our ASE certified technicians are skilled in performing balances on all types of vehicles. We even fix your tires by patching them up or replacing them with better tires. Should you have a question about the type of tires you need, we can help!

Advanced technology to improve your vehicle

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